Friday , September 29 2023

An Interesting Article re. Brownfields

During the research for the project Go SIV, interesting articles can be found. The quality knowledge can be also acquired thanks to the European Commission and open knowledge concept.

Brownfield regeneration and land use planning is complex and encompasses many different environmental, economic and social dimensions, often with consequences reaching far in to the future. Only a combination of methods, valuation or set of indicators will be able to cover this complexity, especially given the need to adjust to local context. The exemplary research presented in this issue shows that by using sustainability as the guiding concept, brownfield regeneration will be a stepping stone towards efficient use of land resources such as soil, water and nature. Thus, brownfield sites should be regarded as a valuable opportunity, not a
costly problem.”

– writes Stephan Bartke, Research Fellow and Coordinator of TIMBRE project from Department of Economics, Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ, Leipzig, Germany, in the editorial to the Thematic Issue “Science for Environment Policy – Brownfield Regeneration”. Here is the issue availabe on-line on the EU portal:



Aleksandra works as a specialist in the Regional Development Agency in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. In the past, she worked for over ten years as a Sr Credit Analyst in an international bank and, prior to this, she was an academic teacher and lecturer, a management trainer and a freelance business consultant.