Saturday , September 30 2023

Final document of the project GoSIV prepared

After several months of work, analysis and research, the partners of the project finalised their work on the Design Option Paper. This is the closing document describing the issues of the implementation of local initiatives intended to develop a “Smart Industrial Village” (SIV) and related innovation support services, the role of the regional development agencies as innovation intermediaries and the effectiveness of chosen tools. The document contains 3 case studies studies within the implemented project, many useful examples of the revitalisation and the effectiveness of chosen tools on various stages of the process of creation of the SIV.

During the international meetings, partners discussed outcomes of the peer learning and the case studies. They tackled topics such as how to design a stakeholder engagement and a general renovation process, thematic technological and managerial options, innovation and entrepreneurship support and related services.
Once it is approved by the EU officers, the document will be available on the websites of the European Union.
At the moment 3 case studies used as the basis for drafting the model of creation of SIV will be available in our library.



Aleksandra works as a specialist in the Regional Development Agency in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. In the past, she worked for over ten years as a Sr Credit Analyst in an international bank and, prior to this, she was an academic teacher and lecturer, a management trainer and a freelance business consultant.